Who is the Board?

The board of directors is a group of active and activist individuals that makes it a duty for terms to make life of others better and grow together in a healthy and sustainable way. Creating financial legacy is the goal of the Isikhungo Sabantu Board.

A board of directors is a group of individuals who are elected by the cooperative’s membership to oversee the cooperative’s operations and make decisions on its behalf. The board of directors is responsible for setting the cooperative’s strategic direction, approving its budget, and ensuring that it is meeting its member’s needs.

Who is holding the board of directors accountable?

The board of directors is accountable to the shareholders of the CFI. The board of directors must ensure that the cooperative is operating in a manner that is consistent with the cooperative financial institution’s mission and values, and that it is meeting the needs of its members. The board of directors may be removed from office by a vote of the membership.

Meet your Board of Directors

To find out more about the the members, please click on the picture or the name of one of the directors. *Please note that not all bios are available yet*

Jongizizwe Moses Mayekiso one of Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative (IS FSC) CFI shareholder and board member. He is a the chairperson of the organisation.